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Custom Software

IGLILY Inc. develops custom software and database solutions…on time…on budget… every time. Our consultants provide the optimum technical solution for your business needs based on the requirements and by applying their experience and technical expertise.

IGLILY builds custom solutions tailored to your unique business model and design applications which are tailored to optimize the success of your organization. Our flexible development methodology allows us to provide you with these valuable services at up to 50% reductions in time and cost of development, simply because we know what we are doing.

IGLILY consultants can provide custom solution in the following areas:

  • Traditional Client/Server Development
  • Oracle Applications
  • Application Development
  • Microsoft Applications
  • GUI and Client/Server Application Development
  • E-commerce and Web Development
  • ERP

Application Lifecycle
IGLILY consultants will tailor the services provided to you based upon your business needs, technical requirements and current level of evolution in the application lifecycle, internal capabilities, and resource availability. Generally, the services we provide are adapted from a proven and mature multi-step process which addresses all necessary project elements:

  • Concept and Planning Specification
  • Prototyping
  • Design Development/Production
  • Testing
  • Security Analysis
  • Launch
  • Maintenance

Each step in the process combines innovative technical engineering with top-notch user experience, design, development, testing and culminates in a corporate solution that fulfills your business strategy.

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